Matriarch sketches

The previous 3 posts are sketches I did while trying to visualize the matriarch from the book of the same name. She’s a proud Maori woman, head of a large family, obviously… So far I’ve gathered that she’s a bit of a diva, has the killer instinct and wears a tattoo on her chin which was commonplace for Maori women in her era. The author referred to Renata Tibaldi’s voice as a description of the Matriarch’s essence, so I did a search on YouTube for her. As I listened to her sing I was transported into another time and place! Being the classy individual I am, this was my first taste of “that opera stuff”, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it! But if you tell my mates I will DENY it… I am in the process of cutting Lino for a print now, if it is successful you will see the end result. If it crashes and burns you might still see it! I am using a $2 carving set which is ridiculously blunt, and I haven’t carved Lino since I was about 7 years old, so chances are you’ll see something… creative.


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